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Konstantinos Sfikas

IO – Global Game Jam 2019

Calling it a game might be an overstatement. It is, however, a self contained, playable “thing”, revolving around spatial exploration. It borrows the mechanics of a typical third person game and combines them with an abstract spatial representation and an unclear overall goal, bringing it quite close to a “walking simulator”.

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Using events in c#

“Events enable a class or object to notify other classes or objects when something of interest occurs. The class that sends (or raises) the event is called the publisher and the classes that receive (or handle) the event are called subscribers.” (source: )

The use of events in c# is pretty straightforward. However, same as every other programming technique, it may take some time for one to get used to and use effectively. Lately I have been revisiting the use of events in c#, trying to make sure that I use them properly in my projects. While doing so, I made a small case study, in the form of a console application, and decided to share it, in case it might help someone else as well.

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MONK – Programmable Digital Synthesizer

MONK is a Programmable Digital Synthesizer made from scratch using Arduino and PureData. The Arduino microcontroller acts as an input device, reading the values of six potentiometers and transferring the values via USB to a computer that runs PureData. In PureData, these values are passed to parameters that control sound, so the whole setup turns into a musical instrument. You may programme your own patches to completely change the device’s audio function, or even use it as a controller for other purposes (for example: graphics control or interactive applications). The featured video is a presentation of MONK’s main patch in action, while this blog post is a presentation of the system’s inner – workings. If you read on, you will find all the necessary information on how to build your own.

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Procedural Audio, made in Unity3D

This project is a case-study on “How you can produce some sounds from scratch by writing c# code in Unity3D”. It includes a custom class, called “ProceduralAudioController” which is actually a custom Audio Synthesizer with capabilities such as Tone Selection (and Mix), Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation. The project also features a Circular Spectrogram, as well as a Complex Object that reacts to some of the Synthesizer’s parameters. Continue reading to find out more about the project!

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Procedural Landscape, made in Unity3D

This project is a case – study on “How you can make a Procedural Landscape in Unity3D, by using c# code”. The Landscape is produced by applying three layers of Perlin Noise on a custom mesh surface. You may edit the Landscape’s control variables in Edit Mode and get a real-time preview of the result. There is also an “animate” function which lets you explore the endless possibilities of the resulting surface.
Continue reading to learn more about the tool’s current features, future plans and see the source-code.

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